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Wednesday 10/24/07

In Wednesday on October 24, 2007 at 8:56 pm

US History

Objective:  Compare the Federalists and Democrat Republicans by analyzing Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.

1. Bell Ringer: Copy T.O.A.D. #1

2.  Discuss terms and work on question for Lecture Notes 12

3.  Complete Contrasting Assignment in notes Thomas Jefferson vs. Alexander Hamilton

4.  HW:  Complete Lecture Notes 12

IB History of the Americas

Objective:  Analyze Thomas Jefferson and his effect on the American political system.

1.  Bell Ringer:  Complete Whats Up Doc tj and jay treaty

2.  Work on Guided Reading:  Thomas Jefferson

3.  HW:  Read Ch. 13 in American Pageant pgs. 256-72