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Week 8

In Monday on October 22, 2007 at 10:46 am

US History P. 2, 7 and 9

Objective: Identify significant people, events and ideas leading up to and during the Revolutionary Events.

Analyze Paul Revere’s Etching and the Declaration of Independence.

1) Bell Ringer: Study for Unit Test

2) Take Unit Test: The Road to Rebellion

3) After test students can complete Ch. 4 Assessment 1-20 for Extra Credit. (1 point per correct answer)

IB History of the Americas P. 3 and 6


Understand the differences and similarities between state and federal governments and their functions, structures, and powers.

Explain the basic positions of the Federalists and Democrat Republicans through an analysis of their party platforms during the early 19th century.

1) Bell Ringer: Read Exclusive Powers of the National Government and State Governments and answer the discussion questions in notes.

2) Work on the federalist-vs-dem-rep-analysis-guidelines-and-rubric.doc for which the slogan/poster will need to be completed at the start of class tomorrow.  You may want to look at:

Dem Rep Group Handouts or the Federalist Group Handout.  Also you may need the Timeline of Events As Related to the Dev. of Political Parties handout.