Week 7

In Wednesday on October 17, 2007 at 10:47 am

US History P. 2


Identify and analyze significant events of the Revolutionary War.

1)  Bell Ringer:  Sign out laptop computers.

2)  Work on Revolutionary War Timeline Webquest

US History P. 7 and 9


Identify and analyze the Battle of Saratoga and Britain’s idea to attack the Southern Colonies during the Rev. War.

1)  Bell Ringer:  List three advantages the American army would have over the British.

2)  Guided Viewing:  Liberty Part IV

IB History of the Americas P. 3 and 6


Understand the differences and similarities between state and federal governments and their functions, structures, and powers

Explain the basic positions of the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists.

1)  Complete “Articles” Summary, go to:

Articles of Confederation Copies


US Constitution Copies  

 and summarize each article of the US Const or Articles of Confed.

2)  Complete the Why the Constitution wrksht.
Since I will not see P. 3 until Monday…  that is when this assignment will be due.  You may need to review the websites and the articles to answer the questions on your own.  P. 6 will get time to work on the worksheet in class today.  It will be due on Monday for them as well since I will not see them tomorrow.

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