Week 7

In Monday on October 15, 2007 at 10:50 am

US History P. 2

Objective: Identify and analyze the major events leading up to and through the Revolutionary War.

1) Bell Ringer: Name three reasons you think the British would have a difficult time beating the Americans.

2) Guided Viewing: Liberty Pt. IV

US History P. 7 and 9

Objective: Analyze the effect of the Declaration of Independence on the Revolutionary War.

1) Bell Ringer: List the Advantages and Disadvantages of Declaring Independence from Britain on the T-Chart.

2) Watch Pt. II of Liberty movie and answer Guided Viewing Questions

3) Copy Declaration Parts Notes into Notebook and discuss as a whole group

IB History of the Americas P. 3 and 6


Understand the difference between and American liberal and conservative.

Analyze the impact on federalism vs. states rights.

1) Bell Ringer: Pick up Liberal vs. Conservative Survey and tell students to answer the questions

2) Go through survey as a whole group and show liberal vs conserv survey trans answers.

3) Show Political Spectrum today vs. start of the 2 party system

4)  Answer survey question in notes:

According to this survey are you Liberal or Conservative?  What does it mean to be one or the other?  Do you agree with this survey?  Describe what it means to be either Liberal or Conservative domestically or in foreign affairs as an American?

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