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Week 3

In Wednesday on September 19, 2007 at 1:33 pm

US History P. 2, 7 and 9

Objective:  Describe the difference between the Spanish colony of St. Augustine and the English colony of Jamestown.

1)  Bell Ringer:  Copy the jamestown-vs-st-aug-notes.doc

2)  Read the jamestown-st-aug-historian-readings.doc in pairs and answer questions on colonial motivations.
3)  Create and answer chart focused on Economic, Political, Religious and Other Motivations for colonies.

History of Americas P. 3 and 6

Objective: Identify and analyze George Washington’s role of leadership in creating America and as President.

1) Bell Ringer: Students should pick up and complete questions for the-george-washington-papers.doc dealing with Shay’s Rebellion and Writing of Constitution.

2)  Students must then finish GW Papers Questions for other the Federal Union, Political Factions, Whiskey Rebellion and with Permanent Alliances.

3)  Distribute the george-washington-leadership-analysis-guidelines-and-rubric.doc which will be due on Friday.