Week 2

In Friday on September 14, 2007 at 1:06 pm

A great first full week…  attendance is strong and everyone is working hard.  Keep up the good work!

US History P. 2, 7 and 9


Identify the events which led to the Columbian Exchange.

Describe the Columbian Exchange and how it impacted or created a global economy.

 1)  Bell Ringer:  Answer the Human Interaction Question on p. 31 in text in notes.

2)  Discuss question as a whole group.

3)  Display picture of early slave capture, read Slave Narratives and go over questions as a whole group.

IB History of the Americas P. 3 and 6

Objective:  Explain and analyze the effect of the Boston Tea Party on the growing feeling toward armed resistance and rebellion in the colonies.

1)  Bell Ringer:  Pick up and and complete Evolution to Revolution Questions in groups of 3.

2)  Discuss questions and answers to Evolution to Revolution Questions.

3)  Distribute the Tory vs. Patriot Editorial Guidelines and Rubric.  Due at the start of class on Monday.

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