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Week 2

In Wednesday on September 12, 2007 at 10:45 am

Welcome back to Wednesday!

US History P. 2, 7 and 9


Identify the effect of the Crusades on the colonization of the Americas.

1) Bell Ringer: Sign out Laptop Computers

2) Work on Crusades Webquest, this assignment will be due Thursday at the start of class. Students will have the day to work on it in class.

IB History of the Americas P. 3 and 6

Objective:  Explain and analyze the effect of the Boston Tea Party on the growing feeling toward armed resistance and rebellion in the colonies.

1)  Bell Ringer:  Answer questions for What’s Up Doc? The Boston Tea Party?

2)  Read and go through What’s Up Doc?

3)  Guide students through Committe of Corespondance Response to the Boston Tea Party and Questions